Our Services

London Laser Therapy  or Ultrasound is an ADD-On to any Session          

Barrie Laser Therapy or Ultrasound $15 ADD-On to any Session

Barrie Combination Hour – $90

Combo BodyWork – Acupressure+Moxibustion+Cupping

Combo BodyWork – Acu Electric Gel Pads + Body Reflexology +Stones

London Reflexology with Hotstone option included 

Barrie Reflexology Session is 45min. for $70 and Hotstones included

Barrie Sound Combo with BodyWork $85 tuning forks and sound bowls where notes are applied to organ deficiencies and fatigue

Barrie Reiki with Crystals                     $80


London prices are on the booking page/ Barrie prices only listed here and email to book it June 21-23 Barrie/ July Barrie TBA / August Barrie TBA


Electro Stimulator Acu unit – $24

Face Ionphoresis unit – $20

Yoga Tune Up balls – $20 a pair ( to release muscles)

Young Living Essential Oils – always on the shelf and in stock

USB charging Aroma Diffusers

Handmade Bracelets and Pendants

Artcard Originals and Prints by Denise