About Us


After the four years of post- grad.school,to attain credentials in Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, Denise stays professionally linked with CMAAC.org which sets standards for Canadian practitioners and grants our professional certification #.

In December 2010, Denise completed her Reiki Master Course and now stays professionally linked with the International Association of Reiki Professionals.  Another style of reiki energy work is called Integrated Energy Therapy and Denise has Three levels of IET Certification (2006 completed).

In 2012, Denise completed the certificate  Practicing Mindfulness: Introduction to Meditation by Mark Muesse Ph.D.  Denise also registered in both the Sound Healer certification, under  Jonathan Goldman and the Transformation Meditation Instructor certification.   In January 2013, Denise completes her certification in Access Consciousness.
Our service menu changed under Shop Online , on our site, so tuning forks and notes for chakras can be worked on in sessions by picking a Sound combo with the bodywork of your choice.  Tuning Forks work on acu points and resonation, no acupuncture in this session.

We offer a Mt Forest Retreat for Meditation, BY REQUEST, it would run friday night until sunday at lunch ( it would include 2 continental breakfasts, 2 nights lodging and meditation instruction $280 per person)

(commencing current and back)

Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbal Medicine, 1996-2000, RTCMP from 2000-2018, now Consultant

Spiritual Listener  completed certificate Universal Class
Angel Healing       completed certificate Universal Class
Chakra Clearing   completed certificate Universal Class
Working with your Animal Allies, Teachers & Totems Certificate Universal Class
Drum Circle Facilitator certificate
Drum Circle Empowerment for Special Populations
Certified Cardiac Technologist & Phlebotomist, CTAO, 1993
Certified Reflexologist from RAC , 1991
BA Kinesiology & Psychology , UWO, 1991

MY THANKS, TO EACH VALUED CUSTOMER.  Credentials are  no good to anyone without the balance of God’s purpose,  and some healthy self respect.   If someone starts to teach a course or a workshop without BALANCE… Walk out.  Each customer and each customer’s pain taught me the science of chinese medicine.  Patience of watching acupuncture work on individual and  specific migraines, specific pain management, energy increases,  this all took patience and learning.  Thank you each and every customer for crossing my path and sharing your heart.